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This is the cover of the German edition of "Caitlynn".

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Towers of Ibyadar
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Here is what some of my German readers have said (comments translated by R. Heier):


Although the description made me curious, I was at first skeptical about this book because unfortunately, there are too many bad examples of the fantasy genre that depend on clichés and stereotypes. But here, the author has succeeded in creating a truly interesting story. Caitlynn's world, with its medieval atmosphere, has been skillfully portrayed. The magic spins its delicate threads throughout the pages – no artless ''Hey! I suddenly have magical powers,'' which annoys me about so many other books. The world is detailed and plausible unto itself, and it's a pleasure to be transported into it...great reading for even those who wouldn't necessarily be considered the target audience.   (I.L.Krauss)


In her own special way, Angelika Diem succeeds in drawing me into the story. The characters, their appearance and personalities, the places – all are well-described and developed. When reading, I always had the feeling I was there. Terrific! I could read a lot more about Caitlynn and her world. (secretworldofbooks)


...the use of charisma is fascinatingly portrayed. It forces people to do another person's will, but not everyone has this talent, and those who do, have it to varying degrees. It's easy to put yourself in Caitlynn's place, her thoughts and feelings. She's a very appealing heroine because she's strong and has a lot of ability, but she also admits her faults and sometimes doubts her decisions. (caydence)


I eagerly followed Caitlynn into a world full of magic. But here, too, there's politics, corruption, and maybe even darker powers, so that the wonderful regulatory system that the ''Towers'' provide for society's framework is constantly being questioned. Caitlynn's strong sense of justice leads her from one adventure to the next. Her ''charisma'' is always being challenged. And that's truly exciting. (Chris Beckmann)


This book had me hooked. The writing style took me right into Caitlynn's world. The worth of a girl in the noble classes is determined by her power. The longer she can resist the charisma of the marriage broker, the higher she's ranked in the marriage lists, making her a better match for a marriage. But Caitlynn rejects that. (M. Esen)


Here, magic takes the form of the power of life (in order to heal) and that of charisma (e.g. to make someone obedient). The idea that it can be projected, and the consequences this has for society's structures, is complex and fascinating. ''Caitlynn'' can be highly recommended to fans of multi-faceted, absorbing fantasy worlds and strong, appealing protagonists. (Charlie)