Shadow Throne. The girl with the golden eyes

There was once


a peaceful kingdom,


until a usurper seized the crown.


Under his son's rule,


the land has sunk into darkness.


But already, fate is weaving new threads...


 Like everyone else in the village, Rachel's family suffers under increasingly brutal assaults by the royal soldiers, as well as exorbitant taxes. Not only that, her family keeps a life-threatening secret. When, in spite of all their precautions, it's revealed, Rachel flees. Fortunately, she finds a position as a kitchen maid in the royal palace, but she soon becomes the target of conspiracy and dark forces. Once more, she's forced to disclose her secret –  in order to save herself, her young love, and the people of the kingdom.


Transformations, intrigue, and the power of true love!


German eBook

  • 333 pages
  • publisher: Oetinger34

  • 9,96$


 German paperback

  • publisher : Oetinger Taschenbuch
  • 333 pages
  • 21,61$
  • ISBN-10: 3841500919
  • ISBN-13: 978-3841500915

Check out the page of Marie Braner, the cover artist, to view her adorable children's books illustrations.


Want to learn more? Visit Oetinger's book rights page and contact them for an English book sample translated by the great Rebecca Heier.


There's going to be an English version of the original German booktrailer soon.