Angelika Diem lives in Bludenz, a small town in Austria (the country of "Sound of Music", Mozart and Empress Sissy/Elisabeth of Austria). It is home to the world famous Milka chocolate and the town has got a proud black unicorn as coat of arms.


From a young age Angelika has loved fairy tales, science fiction, romance and fantasy. She was often seen carrying heavy bags with ten or more books home from the local library.

Now she works as a librarian at the local middle school, introducing children and teenagers  from ten to sixteen to the magical world of books.


Her very first texts were new fairy tales and fantasy short stories. She also enjoyed writing fanfiction (Sailormoon, Dragonball and other Japanese anime).


Now and then she still dives into "World of Warcraft", her favourite MMORPG. There she likes to play various characters from the horde and alliance. She loves twinking, doing quests and improvong her profession skills.

She lives with her two (always hungry) cats Merle and Minka.


Angelika Diem is a member of the international Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators SCBWI



Curious about what's going on in her life? You want to have a glimpse at the texts she is working on without being spoiled? Follow Angelika Diem on snapchat. (She has just started and enjoys meeting new fans)